Sarah Beeny is Britain’s most famous property developer. Through programmes like Property Ladder we’ve grown accustomed to her advising amateurs on how best to develop their modest family-sized homes.

But away from the cameras, what kind of properties does the undisputed Queen of development take on? In other words, what does Sarah Beeny get up to in her own time?

The answer is, Rise Hall.

M&R Joinery worked with Sarah to supply & fit 12 windows and 7 sets of doors to turn the old sports hall into a beautiful wedding reception room.

More information about the work we carried out can be seen over on the Rise Hall website at


Dear Neil,

Thanks so much for this – arrived today to the most fabulous experience – what a total joy your doors and windows are – so very beautifully made and beautifully fitted. This has been one of the most enjoyable parts of this whole project and thank you for that!!!!
3 weeks to go and all a little hectic but M and R joinery are certainly on a total ‘fab’ list!

Thanks guys!

Sarah Beeny