At M&R Joinery Services we take great pride in the quality of our workmanship. Nowhere is this truer than when we are commissioned to make a “feature” window. Our craftsmen see it as an honour to make a feature window. It is the pinnacle of craftsmanship to match existing detail exactly to deliver an exact replica of the existing window. Technical skills and material applications are often stretched to the limit of what is possible.

A normal window is designed to be as invisible and as functional as possible. The aim is to be sympathetic to the architectural heritage and design of the building, the building should be the star of the show. The window must function flawlessly, with the minimum of maintenance for many decades.

With a feature window it is the window that should be the star of the show. It should demand attention and inspire those who see it. It should have its own unique style and a quality in both design and construction that sets it apart from its siblings. Our feature windows come in all designs, shapes and sizes, from classic bow fronted windows to totally unique one off designs.