Why is High Quality Glazing Important?

The glass you specify for use in your windows is very important as it can affect a number of important considerations. Some of the characteristics that you should consider will influence the degree of heat loss, how often the windows need cleaning, the level of outside noise you experience and how vulnerable your house is to burglary. A specialist glass alone, and often in combination, can offer significant benefits and your choice will make a significant difference. It really does pay to talk to experts like M&R Joinery Services before deciding your best options. Please call us on 0845 121 3166 and discuss your needs.

What Performance Should I Expect?

The handcrafted, bespoke nature of the products and services we offer means that all our products conform to the highest industry standards.

We source from a wide range of glass suppliers, providing a large selection of glass for different applications. Our years of expertise in the industry coupled with the excellent products now available mean that we are able to manufacture our double glazed units to the highest standards, ensuring they exceed European glazing standards BS EN 1279 and Part L Building Regulations.

Things to consider if your House is Listed

Whilst environmental considerations such as the thermal efficiency of windows, are forcing the regulatory authorities to take an increasingly flexible approach to the conservation and repair of windows and doors in listed buildings you do not have the same choices as those with a property that is not listed. There are several categories of listed building ranging from:

  • Grade I Buildings of exceptional interest (approximately 2% of all listed buildings)
  • Grade II* Particularly important and more than special interest (approximately 4% of listed buildings)
  • Grade II Buildings of special interest warranting every effort being made to preserve them (approximately 94% of listed buildings)

If your property is Grade II listed then you generally have more leeway than those of higher ranking. Before undertaking any work on windows or doors we would strongly suggest that you talk to us first so that we can put you in touch with the best sources of advice.

We have undertaken work with a wide range of listed buildings of all types and would be happy to place our experience at your disposal. For more information call 0845 121 3166.